Dominate Real Estate in 2024!


How our student dante bought 3 properties in his first 6 months of investing!

In this training I'll give you the same game-plan I gave Dante so you can dominate the next 12 months!


what you'll learn in this training...

  • How Dante went from having no properties and no knowledge of investing... to buying 3 rental properties in just 6 months!
  • ​The exact framework Dante used to buy his first 3 rental properties so you can replicate the same process, regardless of your experience!
  • ​I'll give you my '2024 Real Estate domination game plan' so you can kickstart investing and buy your first or next 3 rentals just like Dante!
  • How in just 6 months Dante became a guaranteed future millionaire because his 3 properties will be worth over 2 million in 10 years! 

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Your Host


Thach Nguyen has come a long way since arriving in America at age 4 with his parents, four brothers, and sister in 1975. Focus, drive, determination, and great mentors paved the way for him to go from homeless refugee to a multi-millionaire.

During his 27 years in the Real Estate industry, he has built more than 300 homes, townhouses, and multifamily units and completed more than 100 flips.

He currently holds 127 rental units with the goal of owning 1,000 investment properties.

Ranked in the Top 1% of all Real Estate professionals nationwide.

Your Co-Host

Dante Niño

Growing up working as a laborer in the high-end residential construction market during the summers through his family's business, Dante grew a passion for construction.

As college was coming to an end, his family urged him to become a partner and eventually take over their construction company. However, Dante was determined to create his own legacy.

He founded a construction recruiting company but that wasn't enough. Dante's focus now is creating generational wealth through real estate.

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